Friday, July 8, 2011

Dare to wear RED

Do I love red lips? Do I love them not? Do I love red lips? Do I love them not? Well...I looooove them! They are so in right now, and can really work on anyone. The trick is to know the right red lip for you. There are a million shades of red, stains, glosses, matte, you name it. So here are a few tricks to making this look work. 

*if you don't wear a lot of makeup, or if you want to do a little more on the eyemakeup choose a stain. They are so pretty and last all day!

*if you choose a glossy red- keep the rest of your makeup very matte and simple. Psssst...Don't wear a slicked back bun and sunglasses (you might look like you were transported from a Robert Palmer video in the 80s)

*don't worry too much about lip liner, it can make this look appear dated

*matte shades are very pretty and great for someone with a fuller lip who wants to try red without looking over the top

*do exfoliate your lips (flaky red lip skin yuck!) Use a toothbrush and a high quality lip moisturizer to even lip texture and then moisturize!!!

*check the teeth baby. One quick way to look geek instead of chic is lipstick on zee teeth.

*get out your fav magazine and copy the look or JCrew has a lot of models wearing red lips and looking gorgeous!

*keep eyemakeup to a minimum...mascara...maybe a teeensy bit of eyeliner for a vintage look.

*have fun!!! This look is so vibrant and will have you pouting just for the heck of it.


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