Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet Cristi: Artist of Photography, Style, and Well Being.

I love:
My son's giggle,  mint oreos, snuggles, date nights, my husband, red lipstick,  McCall Idaho, smell of summer, ski hill, sun kissed cheeks, laughing so hard it makes my eyes water, my sisters, trampolines, fresh cut flowers, soft fuzzy socks on lazy days, photography, sand, the sound of the ocean, pedicures (I don’t get enough of them) then wearing open toes to show off my newly painted toes (wish that happened more often), my art journal,  El Guapo (our rescue dog), writing with a sharp pencil, painting, gathering inspiration, yoga, rain boots, buffalo chicken strips, having an excuse to wear a dress, creating, feeling inspired, red balloons, the color aqua, smell of sunblock
XOXO- Cristi

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