Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What does your coat say about you?

What does your coat actually say about you? Are you Bright and Sunny? Casual and Comfortable? Fun and Sassy?
Let me introduce you to my newest addition to my coat collection.
I love it because it is Simple yet Detailed.
Sorta like me!
 I am someone who likes things to be simple yet put a lot of time in the little details of things.

I am in love.

Love the bow
Love the ruffles
Pair it with a cute pair of tall boots 
You could also add a scarf...
What's your opinion?
With or without the scarf?
For more on how to choose a coat and where I got these pieces- stay tuned for Friday's How Does She post.


  1. Just my opinion, I love the scarf, but I think it takes away from the detail of the jacket! It's a CUTE scarf but i like the ruffle and bow on the jacket and like being able to see them:)
    LOVE, Kara