Monday, November 21, 2011

Forever Favorites

All right ladies! You know who you are...lining up at Forever 32 and HnM or the kiosk in the mall selling the tshirt that's a tank top and a tube dress. Please don't waste your entire shopping budget at these places. I am not saying that there are not amazing items to be found there that bring your whole closet up to speed. But...don't forget to invest in a few items that you know you will have forever, that will last forever, that you can find a cute accessory for at Forever! Great example: I bought a blazer at BCBG in downtown Portland ten years ago. It is aaaaaadorable. I can't remember what I spent on it but less than $200. It is a gorgeous shade of blue with brown leather detailing and so posh paisley liner. I have worn it a gazillion times and have always dry cleaned it (just had the liner repaired for maybe $15). I still wear it all the time and get lots of compliments. So before you splurge on a bunch of super trendy stuff that won't hold up after two washes, pick one thing that you can see yourself in for the long haul. (P.S. I looooove Forver 32 and HnM and don't want to discourage you from shopping there too)


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