Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stand on Solid Ground

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to change your wardrobe from summer to fall, fall to winter, and so on. So I have started a little system for myself. I start from the ground up. Being a hairdresser who stands all day long shoes are very important. I can't indulge in any cute cheap slip ons or sassy stillettos. But I love great shoes. So I start my transition into the new seasons fashions with an amazing pair of shoes. I don't break the bank but I do buy a pair that I love and that will treat my feet right all day at work. My favorite pair right now are my Jeffrey Campbell boots. They are colorful and unique and make any outfit interesting. They have enough color and versatility that they inspire many a new outfit. And they help take me in a specific direction for any new additions to my cold weather closet. So get out there and chose your starting point! (Jeffrey Campbell available at


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