Monday, December 12, 2011

Be random.

So, first of all.... I have been waiting for Proof to come out with some wood prescription glasses so I can finally fill my prescription I got back in September... and it looks like they are finally here!

Well, almost- This particular model are just the samples of what is to come...but I am in love with them and had to give you a sneak peek of what is coming our way.

Keep you posted when my real ones arrive.
I realize the incredibly goofy face...only photo we got with the glasses on.

For now, let's move on to today's post. 
Yesterday, I was very much in a random mood.
I went into my closet- saw my yellow tights. Put them on first. 
Then, I started digging around for whatever blouse I thought would work.... found one.
Then, I really felt like wearing the sparkle shoes. Done.
Now for a skirt... this was tricky.... because length can be a huge factor with bright tights. You don't want one too long...especially for shorties like me.
Found a skirt...added a few accessories (thank you grandma shirley) done. All eady for church.

 My tip for the day is: don't be afraid to pair random things together...Start with what you are in the mood for and go from there. Try something on even if they seem like they would work- you just may end up liking it.

Most importantly, have fun exploring your closet. 


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