Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY on head bandanas with wire

I was over at How Does She last Friday...I was sharing how I made these lovlies.

1. Get supplies:
Fabric, sisscors, wire cutters, thread, sewing machine or sewing needle, framing or floral wire.
You will be cutting out two long strips so I folded it in half to make it easier to cut.

2. Measure your head and decide how long you want your piece to be and mark it on your fabric.

3. Cut it out. I wanted to experiment so, I  cut out a longer and shorter one at these dimensions:
Long:  42 inches long (21 in. folded) and 3 inches wide
Short: 32 inches long (16 in. folded) and 2 inches wide

4.Use a ruler and mark the corner where you want to angle and cut it off.

5. Cut off the corners.

6. Sew the “right sides” together. I used a 1/2 inch seam.

7. Sew all the way until you approach two inches before the end of the last corner.

8. Leave that opening to pull your fabric through it.

9. Pull the fabric through to turn it right side out.

10. Now time for the secret  in the scarf… wire! Cut out wire and round the ends. I added duct tape just as extra reinforcement so it doesn’t cut through the fabric.

11. Once you have it pulled through- hand stitch it shut and sew a few stitches around the wire loop to keep it nice secure.

Then….tie it around your head!


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