Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beach Waves in a Bottle: Sea Salt Spray DIY

For those of you who missed it- I was over {here} at How Does She sharing my recipe on Sea Salt Spray.

It' what I call Beach Waves in a bottle! And you don't have to spend a lot of money on a fancy Sea Salt spray or spend a day at the beach...although, that doesn't sound too bad really- I LOVE the beach!!  I do spend time at the lake however, and have been in need of something to calm the crazy boat hair.

Here is what I used:

 8 oz. of warm distilled water
1 teaspoon of cheap coconut conditioner
1 squirt of gel or hair smoothing cream
1 squirt of gloss drops
1 tablespoon of sea salt (the fine kind)
1/4 a  teaspoon of alcohol  (not necessary- mostly used as preservative)
Other options you can include: lemon, essential oils such as tea tree or lavender, aloe vera, or coconut oil

After gathering all the ingredients, I whisked together until everything was dissolved:

Then I poured it into a a spray bottle...

...And sprayed it on damp to wet hair.  I made sure to comb it through to get rid of the snarls.


 Okay, so the tricky part is creating your perfect individual recipe for your hair type- so here are some of my recommendations with the help of Camilla of course!

Straight hair:  Try spraying it on while damp and braiding or twisting your hair and letting it dry. You could also try turning your head upside down and using your fingers to scrunch and blow dry to add a little  volume. If all else fails- use a curling iron to curl of few pieces on top. I've been told using an old T-shirt to scrunch the hair works even better...I need to try that out- I'll let you know how it goes!
 Wavy or Curly hair:  Spray over your damp to wet hair and carefully comb out any snarls. Then give it a good old fashion scrunch with your fingers or just let it do it's thing. For my hair it seems sometimes the less I touch it the better it does. I also recommend using a dash of gel or smoothing cream in your spray to control and define your waves.
 Oily hair: Make sure your hair is freshly washed and add more salt or a dash of alcohol to your mixture.  Also, avoid spraying  directly on the scalp where it tends to get oily.
Dry hair: Day old hair works great and add more moisture like a squirt of conditioner, coconut oil, or essential oils.
Remember, the key is to test it out and slowly change the recipe until it works for you hair.
Let us know how it goes!


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  1. I love this recipe! Though I am wondering if the hair gel is needed, or if I can substitute it with anything? All I have is curling hair mousse.