Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wearing Socks with Wedges?

One of my favorite things about fashion is the chance of taking risks. 

This summer I was playing around with trying to wear socks with different type of shoes- you know the kind of shoes where it just felt wrong to have a pair of socks on.

Soon with time- it became fun!

At first, Socks with wedges seemed out of the question for me... it reminded me of the Tevas and socks in the 90s... yuck. 
That was until I shot the photography on the set of Solestruck for their spring and summer 2012 collection. Then, all of a sudden it grew on me. 

Okay so I am not 6 feet tall- or have legs that go on forever like this gorgeous model. But it was fun. It was a risk.

Take it or leave it. 

You can read the post I did for How Does She right here.  I know many ladies were not a fan of the shoes and socks on the facebook page but I had to smile... it means I took a risk.

That I am proud of.

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