Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Must try...No4 Product line!

As a hairdresser I do have a tendancy to be a little rough on my hair. I have so much fun designing color for my clients and get bored with my own easily. I just went from a very dark brown (think Audrey Hepburn) to a lighter brown with "Ombre" highlights (think Jen Aniston in Along Came Polly). But I am also growing my hair out and haven't had a trim in longer than I'd like to admit (hairdressers are terrible clients, we never book ahead and always cancel on each other). So instead of walking around like a living brillo pad I decide to give myself a little hair rehab. I use only the finest Clarifying shampoo from No4 (the best deep cleanser I've ever used and doesn't smell like a science project) and the No4 reconstructor. I wash my hair with the clairifyer twice and towel dry my hair. I apply the reconstructor (No4 is suuuuper concentrated so I only use about a dime size). I leave the reconstructor on for a good 20 mins while I sing the rubber ducky song and exfoliate my heels. I rinse, style and what do you know! My hair is back to its shiny soft healthy state. Ahhhhhh...deep breath. Now its your turn. 


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