Friday, October 28, 2011

First ever FREEBIE Friday challenge!

Are these Vintage or Modern? Or both?
My sister-in-law Dar and I found these pair of WOODEN glasses at a vintage shop this summer and took it to the Proof Crew (AKA our husbands)....

And they came up with these. 

So, ladies and gentlemen,
I introduce you to the "GATOS" a fabulous pair of wooden sunglasses brought to you by Proof Sunglasses...
and coming soon to a face near you.
 I am in LOVE with this new design!
So, vintage yet with a modern flare! 
So here is the amazing news... Proof Sustainable Sunglasses is letting us give away a FREE pair of their shades for our FIRST FREEBIE Friday...but here is the dealio...WE must get 200 followers first....I know it is quite the leap...can we do it? Why yes we can.

How to enter?
All you have to do is:
 #1 head over to the right side of this page and press "Join This Site"  (or go here) and become a follower...

#2 Go to Proof's Facebook page (here ) and "like" them...

then it's are automatically in the drawing for a pair of these shades... they haven't even hit the streets yet.
So, be the first!!



  1. Is the free pair the new "Gatos" or do we get to pick a different pair of shades?

  2. Rachel- any pair that you want. That way you can choose what you think would look good on your face!

  3. When will these be available for purchase? LOVE the new design!

  4. Chelsey Soon...hopefully in a few weeks!

  5. totally did this! Such a great idea, I hope I win!!

  6. So cool! Who'd ever think of wooden eyewear?! Ha, I love!