Friday, January 20, 2012

The Big Bang

Like many of you several of my clients have experienced the anxiety of deciding whether to cut bangs or not to cut bangs. Let me take some of the fear away and help you make this life altering choice. This is how I help my client decide "do the bangs or don't".  Are you looking for a change in your style but don't want to lose any length?  Bangs are a great way to switch things up without trying a new bob. Do you have an oval or long shaped face?  Bangs can help balance your bone structure and create interest. Do you have a short forehead and need to elongate?  Heavy bangs cut from the crown of the head can create the illusion of a longer more slender face shape. Are you concerned with signs of aging and lines on your forehead? Bangs can create a more youthful look and are cheaper and less dangerous than botox.  So whatever your challenge may be, bangs could be the answer. Talk to your stylist, be brave, and prepare for the big bang!


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