Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clearance Racks are my friend.

An excuse I always hear women use when explaining why they don't have anything to wear is that they don't have enough money to shop. But as the queen of Savvy shopping- I am here to tell you that you can do it and stay within your budget!

Here is an example of an outfit that is pretty much put together from items I purchased on a clearance rack or something that has been gently used:

Dress: Again Consignment
Belt: Vintage from Grandma Shirley's Closet
Shoes: Clearance at Ross
Leggings: Zara Clearance rack
Scarf: Macy's Clearance sale
Sweater: Clearance at Target

Photos taken by Golden Moments


1) Hit the clearance and Sale racks first even if you aren't looking for something specific. You just might find something you have been looking for but forgot about it.
2) Buy items that can go with items you already have at home so you are more likely to wear them.
2) Check out your local thrift or consignment shops for hidden treasures. You will be surprised!
3) Be open to possibilities with each item you buy. This top was a size too big but I decided to belt it...and like magic. It works.

Enjoy the fabulous fall weather ladies! Now go hit up those Clearance Racks!


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