Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Long and Short of It.

Photos taken by Golden Moments

I would like to address a challenge many of us face in our lifetime, growing out our hair. It can be a painful and drawn out process. But many of us make the mistake of skipping our maintanence trims in hopes that it will help get us to Rapunzel length even sooner. Well ladies, get that trim scheduled and keep those appointments. Here's why: your body will only grow your hair to a certain point so if you keep it trimmed it will encourage growth, long hair does not equal beautiful hair so if you want both you must keep the ends cleaned up, it makes the process so much easier if you have a shape to your hair while its growing. Trust me, you will enjoy the length so much more if it has been cared for. So make sure to see your stylist's smiling face at least every 10 weeks!


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